The value of having a means of easy entry to anything concealed behind a wall or ceiling is invaluable compared to having to destroy a portion of the wall or the ceiling when an additional service may be required.   This is especially true if you need regular access to the place like the attic, a concealed cash vault, and other spaces.  Depending on its use, these access doors come in different sizes, designs, and materials which is easy to install.  They have door hinges that are concealed and have streamlines fasteners that can be locked or something that does not require a key.  For specialist needs and environmental needs, some access panels are fire-rated.

 Drywall access panel, also known as access hatches, are cost effective solutions that allows you to get immediate access to anything concealed.

A contractor relies on a manufacturer who has a standard size that fits all types of common usages so that it would be easy for them to take on over a project at any stage and complete it successfully without being dependent on the original development team.

For an architect, access panels are very useful to conceal awkward spaces so that it does not destroy the consistency and harmonious balance of the whole place, and these spaces can be used for other things and with access panels, they will hardly be noticed by guests and visitors and it an invaluable quick fix solution to the problem. Know more about doors at

And for the interior designer, these access panels can help conceal those rich indulgences that you want to keep for yourself, so they play  around with access panels to disguise hot tubs and steam units and millworks then set the tile right into them.

Another advantage of having concealed access doors and panels is to have a solution for keeping your valuable instead of using advanced home security systems or security gadgets to keep burglars away, or to lower down the threat or your valuables being stolen or the threat of someone barging in your home and running away with your prized possessions.  These access doors and panels will conceal something that you don’t want to be seen.  You can also use them to conceal portions of your home office so that you children won’t be able to access your files.  Nobody should be able to access confidential files except its owner.

Access panels and ceiling door have many uses and it can also be used for an escape route which you don’t want people to know of, and can be used in cases of emergency.

So what used to be just concealing those pipe and electrical clutters which are still extensively use these days, it is also now widely used as an alternative solution to keep your valuables safe.


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